Terminal hackerr for fallout 4 companion



A female Irish pit-fighter who’s addicted to chems and loves lockpicking.

Romancable: Yes, after completing Benign Intervention quest

Where To Meet: Combat Zone (next to Goodneighbor)

Likes/Dislikes: Cait approves of self-serving and violent solutions, but that doesn’t mean she’s heartless. Just don’t be too generous or peace-loving. She likes petty theft and picking locks in general, and finds that you wearing with no clothes on is a turn-on. She’s all for chems at the beginning, but after completing her side quests, she changes are views on it.

Loyalty Side Quest: Benign Intervention

Max Approval Perk: Trigger Rush – Your AP regenerates +25% faster if your health is below 25% of your maximum HP.

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