FNAF 4 and 3 Cheats

Completing Any Night


While playing any night, you do not need to check all the cameras. Only check on Foxy frequently, and close the laptop. Check the light on one door, shut it off, and do the same thing with the other one. Do this four times, then check on Foxy again. Do this as quickly as possible, then do the doors again. If Foxy peeks his head out, just keep going. If Foxy is laying on the floor, check on it more than normal. By doing it a little more than before, if Foxy’s curtains are fully opened and it is not there, do not bother to check the hall, as you will not have time for the door. If Foxy is not in the room and the curtains are open, immediately close the left door and check your right light. If Chica is not there, shut it off, then look at the left hall. You will see Foxy running, but you should already have the door closed. You will hear some banging on that door. Check your right, then the left, because of Bonny. If she is not there, open the door. Check on Foxy, and it will be back there. Continue as usual. If one appears, close the door.


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