CSR Racing Tips

CSR Racing Cheats And Tips


CSR Racing has dominated the top 100 free iPhone and iPad games category, and it doesn’t take long to see why. Not only is this one of the more attractive titles on smartphones and tablets, but it’s also furiously addictive, with short and thrilling drag races, as well as a plethora of vehicles to upgrade.

Of course, it costs a hefty amount of virtual currency to unlock the best rides and gear. In fact, it’ll take hours upon hours of play to grind it out. That is, unless you follow these cheats and tips to dominate the opposition.

CSR Racing does something we don’t often see in these types of games: it forces you to refill a car’s gas tank. Unfortunately, you’ll need to spend a modest amount of gold (difficult to come by) or wait it out, as this feature is time based.


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