CSR Racing Tips

CSR Racing – Tips and Tricks


The racing game Racing CSR 2 can be installed as a smartphone app for iPhones devices. If you have an iPhone with at least iOS version 5.0, you can download the app for free from the Apple Store. Do you want to play the game on your smartphone, so you need at least version 2.3.3 and can the racing game from Google Play upload.

CSR Racing is a so-called drag racing (drag racing) and this means that your car runs virtually on their own. You must be the proper times to shift up a gear or use the available nitro. The timing plays an important role. The racing game has very good graphics for a mobile app and you can play against your friends, among others, put your name in high score lists and earn new cars.

At your disposal are many licensed cars such as the Audi R8 or SLR Mercedes Benz. Of course you can also collect several dream cars in your garage and perfect your driving style for every vehicle gradually. Each vehicle has unique properties and this must be considered when driving.


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