Cheats for midnight club Los Angeles

Custom items


Participate in the indicated number of races for a specific vehicle class to unlock the corresponding item that can be customized for that particular class (Tuners, Muscles, Luxury, Exotics, or Superbikes):

      Blowers: 45 races
      Car headlights: 36 races
      Car spoilers: 18 races
      Car stereos: 27 races
      Exhausts: 45 races
      Front bumpers: 9 races
      Front seats: 27 races
      Hoods: 36 races
      Intercoolers: 45 races
      Motorcycle bowls: 36 races
      Motorcycle tails: 18 races
      Motorcycle tanks: 27 races
      Post gauges: 27 races
      Rear bumpers: 18 races
      Skirts: 9 races
      Steering wheels: 27 races
      Taillights: 36 races
      Widebody kits: 45 races


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