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Distract your enemy

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And you must be wondering…how can I distract Springtrap? It is easy. You have an audio system that will allow you to play the laugh, hello and hi, of Balloon Boy in the camera you are watching. This will attract Springtrap to that room, but this will only work if he is in an adjacent one. The only thing you have to do is to click on “Play Audio” in the room you want the animatronic to go.

Nevertheless, once you use the audio, it will need a time to reload until you can use it again. If you use it regularly, you will notice that it fails and you have to reboot it. This is a true mess; when you reboot a system, you are lost, and Springtrap will not doubt in taking advantage of the situation and catching you. As mentioned, you can also close the doors of the vents when you see him there, but this will only slow him down, but not stop him. In fact, you cannot stop him, you can only move him away from you until you hit 6 am.


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