Terminal hackerr for fallout 4 companion



Man’s best friend who loves you unconditionally. Dogmeat will bark or growl if there are enemies nearby and can wrangle some enemies to the ground, making them vulnerable to attack. He doesn’t have any associated perks, but by levelling the Attack Dog perk (Charisma 4 minimum), his takedowns can eventually cripple limbs and inflict bleeding damage. You can also ask Dogmeat to find items in the surrounding area, which is something he’ll do automatically on occasion as well.

Romanceable: No

Where to Meet: Red Rocket Truck Stop (right next to Sanctuary Hills)

Likes/Dislikes: Dogmeat doesn’t have any likes or dislikes, so if you plan on being evil, he won’t mind.

Loyalty Side Quest: N/A

Max Approval Perk: N/A

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