Real Racing 3

Get All Over Those Kerbs


When I completed my race license test here in the UK, I was told that kerbs are generally bad, and that the fastest line around the track isn’t to drive all over them. That doesn’t apply at all in Real Racing 3, in fact some of the quickest lines I’ve found involve getting plenty of kerb into some of the turns. Take the image above, taken from the Brand Hatch track. Follow this line through this turn and you can carry a little extra speed, which ultimately works out as you hammer round the final turn and off down the start finish straight. I’ve also found a lot of the other cars generally stay away from them, so if you can keep that line tight and use the kerbs, you can often sneak up the inside. But only do this when you’re confident you can get a good exit speed or you’ll get burned on the other side.


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