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Growing Cow Plants


To grow the special Cow Plant, you must first acquire a rare Cow Plant seed. They can be found by traveling to the Desert Bloom lot in Oasis Springs, then move toward the public space behind the park where there is a rock canyon leading to a boarded up cave entrance. Along the rock walls are tiny ponds that are the source of the shallow stream. Fish at this area to eventually get a Cow Plant seed. Once you have a Cow Plant seed, return to your Sim’s home lot. Drag the seed from your inventory onto the ground where you want to plant it. Once it is planted, make sure to water it daily, and eventually it will grow to full size. If the mound of dirt at the base turns light brown, it means the soil is dry and needs watering. A fully grown Cow Plant is a dangerous creature. They generate rejuvenating milk after eating Sims that are fooled by their false cake tongues. Additionally, make sure to keep feeding your Cow Plant meat when it is fully grown or else it may die. The Cow Plant was first introduced in The Sims 2.


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