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Invisible, Inc. Cheats



“surprised” Face – Beat the Contingency Plan extended Campaign on Expert Plus difficulty – Gold
Acceptable Host – Beat the game on Expert Plus difficulty. – Gold
All Trophies Collected – All Trophies Collected – Platinum
Ant Society – Beat the game on Experienced difficulty. – Silver
Attention to Detail – Steal from every safe in a level. – Silver
Contact Re-established – Survive for 24 Hours. – Bronze
Corporate Ladder – Survive 10 days in Endless mode. – Gold
Daemon Code – Beat the game with Faust and Brimstone. – Bronze
Empire builder – Survive 20 days in Endless mode with the Contingency Plan content – Gold
Fully Equipped – Unlock every agent, agent alternate, and starting mainframe program. – Silver
Ghost Moves – Beat a level without ever being spotted by a guard or camera on Beginner or Expert difficulty. – Bronze
Invisible Inc. – Beat the game on Expert difficulty. – Silver
Meat Machine – Install 4 augments on an agent. – Bronze
Nearing Confidence Threshold – Survive for 48 Hours. – Bronze
Never Look Back – Beat the game with rewinds set to 0 on Expert difficulty. – Gold
Powerful Toast – Beat the Contingency Plan extended Campaign on Experienced difficulty – Silver
Rebuilding the Firm – Survive 5 days in Endless mode. – Silver
Smooth Operator – Survive 5 days in Endless Plus mode. – Gold
Target Resolved – Survive for 72 Hours. – Bronze
Technical Macguffin – Beat the Contingency Plan extended Campaign on Expert difficulty – Gold
The Limit – Beat a level after reaching Alarm level 6 in the level on Expert difficulty. – Silver
Time Attack – Beat the game in Time Attack mode. – Bronze


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