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Learn How All Your Enemies Move


Enemies move differently at Freddy’s. Learning early on how they move will get you further, faster. Here’s how I’ve found all four enemies to move throughout the night, with the exception of night five, where it appears all bets are off.

  • Chica – Purposefully and quickly towards the player, always appears in the right side door. If you see Chica on a right side camera approaching you, they’ll soon be in the doorway so prepare to close it!
  • Bonnie – Always appears in the left hand doorway but moves randomly in the cameras. Flick the left side light on and off is you feel Bonnie is moving, just to make sure they aren’t in the doorway already.
  • Foxy – Mainly stays in Pirate Cove in Camera 1C but doesn’t like to be watched often. When you hear running on the left side, Foxy is attacking. Slam down the left door. You may also sporadically see signs in camera 1C that say “IT’S ME!” and if you see this, immediately slam the left door down.
  • Freddy – Freddy is harder to predict and frequently makes cameras do dark. This is a good indication Freddy is lurking. Watching him seems to make him advance slower, so keep an eye on him and remember he typically moves throughout the whole camera circuit before attacking. But remember, he can break through doors, so slowing him down in the final hours of the night are key.


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