Terminal hackerr for fallout 4 companion



You might remember MacCready as the snotty mayor of Little Lamplight in Fallout 3, but he’s grown up in the last 10 years and he’s out searching for a cure for a particular disease. His ability with the sniper rifle will cover your nicely.

Romanceable: Yes

Where to Meet: Goodneighbor, The Third Rail

Likes/Dislikes: Well, this merc can be tough to figure out since he doesn’t want you to be too nice or too mean, though he approves of violent options if there is one. McCready is the only character who enjoys if you stealing things, which pairs well with his approval of lockpicking into places you shouldn’ be in (highlighted red). Don’t be donating your items to freeloaders, though.

Loyalty Side Quest: Long Road Ahead

Max Approval Perk: Killshot – Headshot accuracy in VATS is improved 20%.

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