Cheats for weed firm replanted

Removing gangsters in the game


If you are not fan of dealing with gangsters here is the trick to rid them off, after you plant and grows your crops just pause the game or you can minimize it or you can entirely close the apps and the crops will continue to grow and from here you will see no gangsters to show up. With this, you don’t need to worry on missing them because they will bust in your game eventually but through pausing your game you can grow as much weed as possible and it will let you sell it easily until they come into a game and afford to pay them. Every once in a awhile, they will come to your door and they will ask you to pay them money to continue your operation. You don’t have choice here to give them money or else they will steal all your money together with your weed unless you have the safe. Thanks for this cheat and now you don’t need to bother with gangsters anymore. Or if you are not fan of using cheat too, you should purchase a shotgun to make a counter attack on them, we will discuss it later this shotgun matter.


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