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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Cheats


General Tips

  • Vanity Plates – Nathan Drake drives around Madagascar in a Jeep, with Sully and Sam. If you pay attention to the vanity plate on the vehicle, you’ll see that it says “VN373.” Flip that around and it basically reads “Elena,” a clever little reference to that familiar character.
  • Marco Polo Returns! – You can find a hidden bronze trophy by swimming in the water near the sunken pirate ship that you find in Chapter 12. As Nathan swims around, he’ll say “Marco” and Sam will ask “Marco What?” This continues the tradition, established in Uncharted 2 and then carried on in Uncharted 3, of making a joke reference to the popular “Marco Polo” pool game.
  • E3 Stage Fright – In 2015, when Naughty Dog was supposed to demo Uncharted 4 at the E3 convention, a cutscene played and then Nathan Drake stood around at the edge of a marketplace, doing nothing. The presenter had failed to find a controller. Now, as you play Chapter 11, you’ll witness the cutscene and then Nathan Drake appears in the familiar location. Don’t do anything for around 30 seconds and you’ll receive a special trophy, which doubles as an Easter egg.
  • Guybrush Threepwood – As you play through Chapter 11, Nate and Sam will stumble across an unfamiliar portrait of a pirate that has the sigil of a monkey with a poison dagger and an hourglass. Then in Chapter 14, you’ll see portraits of the founders in Libertalia’s bank. One of them has most of his name obscured on the frame, but it starts with a “G.” These are references to Guybrush Threepwood, the star of the classic LucasArts adventure titles set on Monkey Island.
  • Papers, Please Reference – Papers, Please, a popular PC indie title, takes place along the border of the fictional country of Arstotzka. In Uncharted 4, you’ll find a reference to that fictional country in Chapter 11, during a conversation Nathan has with Sully in an immigration checkpoint (Nate will make the reference).


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