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How To Unlock All The Lego Movie Videogame Characters

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To unlock 96 of the The Lego Movie Videogame playable characters, you basically have to finish the Story Mode levels and explore the Free Roaming open world hub areas. This goes especially fast if you have finished the game’s Story Mode levels before further exploring the Hub Areas (like The Old West & Bricksburg) where you can buy the in Story Mode unlocked characters as they walk around. — The 5 remaining spots that round out the 101 characters are at the bottom-right of the character select screen; They are reserved for for a cheat code secret character and 4 downloadable content (DLC) characters, which at first will only be available via a Special Edition at select retailers like as a Wild West Pack DLC, but are likely to be released in a $4.99 paid DLC Pack sometime after the February 2014 release (for the 4 Wild West characters and 4 pants). — The 8 last spots on the character select screen’s bottom-left side are for the custom characters you can create at the “Cloud Cuckoo Land” stadium behind the rainbow-colored brick door that Unikitty can transform into a bridge.


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