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How To Unlock All Multiplayer Weapons


If you want to unlock all the multiplayer weapons, here’s the level you need to reach to unlock each pistol, rifle, shotgun and repeater in Red Dead Redemption.

Repeater Carbine: Level 2
Throwing Knives: Level 3
Volcanic Pistol: Level 5
Winchester Repeater: Level 8
Schofield Revolver: Level 9
Pump Shotgun: Level 11
Springfield Rifle: Level 13
Dynamite: Level 15
Double-Action Revolver: Level 17
Sawed-Off Shotgun: Level 18
Rolling Block Rifle: Level 20
Fire Bottle: Level 22
Semi-Automatic Pistol: Level 24
Semi-Automatic Shotgun: Level 26
Carcano Rifle: Level 28
Henry Repeater: Level 32
High Power Pistol: Level 35
Bolt-Action Rifle: Level 40
Evans Repeater: Level 43
LeMat Revolver: Level 46
Mauser Pistol: Level 49
Buffalo Rifle: Level 50


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