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Unlock Yutani by Collecting Specific Character Tokens!


  1. Unlock Yutani by collecting specific Character Tokens!
  2. Reached Multiplier 30? Complete extra missions for Super Mystery Boxes!
  3. Catch those letters to complete the Daily Challenge!
  4. Discover secret trophies in Mystery Boxes!
  5. Complete Daily Challenges each day and increase your reward!
  6. Swipe down in mid-air to master the Super Sneakers!
  7. Earn coins for your friends by making multiple runs!
  8. Unlock Tricky by collecting specific Character Tokens!
  9. Reach the top of the leaderboard by increasing your Multiplier!
  10. Upgrade your preferred powerups in the Shop to make them last longer!
  11. Unlock Spike by collecting specific Character Tokens!
  12. Put on your paint powered Jetpack to glide with style!
  13. Join your friends on Facebook and show off your skills!
  14. Swipe down in air to cancel jumps and master the Super Sneakers!
  15. Complete missions to increase your Multiplier up to x30!
  16. Find your favorite characters in the Shop!
  17. Stay on top of trains to get a better view of what’s coming!


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